“UnLaboured Flawless”, was a term I heard a long time ago. It stuck with me as something always great yet to be worked on. It speaks to the hidden greatness in all of us.


Author Bio, copied from Facebook lol

Lawrence Gonzalez, Graduate Student at Florida State University. Aspiring future Accountant. Currently works as a Senior Clerk at the Florida State Department of Financial Services, Acct. and Auditing Section. He also works with a newly established business call REP. In the past, he worked extensively as the Haitian Heritage Museum Education Manager.

An Undergraduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in French with concentration in Business Management, and a minor in Criminology. He was a Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, proficient in ground organizational repair, communication, anti-terrorism security, and unit management. His proudest achievement was to volunteer to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, sacrificing his schooling to help rebuild a city.

He has over 5 years of experience working with schools, providing service and mentoring for low income, at risk students. In the past, he has worked with the Boys and Girls club of Tallahassee, with the Black Males College Explorers program at Florida Memorial College, with the Toys for Tots program at the Naval and Marine Base in Tallahassee. He currently works with the Youth Committee of the Haitian American Leadership Organization as a youth mentor, moderator, and motivational speaker. His project experience range from curriculum writing, leadership training, and event coordination. Working with the Youth has given him and understanding that the only way any society improves is through the prospects that it invest in the future. In this way, he hopes to improve his community one student at a time.


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