She steps fwd.

Reaches with her right,

while she makes eye contact,

They always like that.


She seen it on TV,

Read about it books,

So she steps fwd,

Reaches for her fixation.


Plays with her thoughts,

Runs through that familiar feeling,

The first time, and every time.


She’s nervous,

Steadies her nerves,

Enjoys the moment,

Makes eye contact,

Because they always love that.


These are the words

that the pages can’t express,

The knowledge, only gain through pract. app.

She is vulnerable,



Enjoying her moment.


Her thoughts moistened her tongue,

She sucks the soul out the room,

Applies for the job.


She makes eye contact.


She knows they like that.


Her tongue expresses fantasies,

She is vulnerable,

She melts into her groove,

She sucks the life out the room,

Fixated on her goal,


They love that $hit.


She reaches,

Grips with her right,

And pulls it closer.

Fixated and enjoying the moment.


She climaxes,

Shares her vulnerability on the mic,

Expressing words that pages couldn’t hold,

sharing her story,

She makes eye contact.


They snap cuz they love that shit.

She smiles cuz I like that sssshhhhh.


*Ode to the Lyricist.

The storyteller.

The liar

The lifelong friend.