Journal entry #37

Well all my machinations have finally come full circle. Sigh of relief. Starting March 1st 2017, I can officially say that my net worth is equal to a Fat “0”.

Going from -$100k to ZERO was the struggle. But I learned loads of lessons. So much of my brain power went to solving epic riddle. Like rotating a cube that keeps changing its featutes. Many ideas came to mind. I made it a game;

  • Playable character, complete with skill sets.
  • Random dialogues and multiple side quests.
  • So many features, so many plotlines… so many NPCs.
  • Mini Bosses, Mini games, overall quests,
  • So much Spam and Junk Mail..

Phrases that helped me break the societal Gengutsu;

  • “That’s just Prime” (Optimus Primal, Beastwars)
  • “Rolling the Hard Six” (Battlestar Gallactica)
  • “Semper Fi”, “Having the Moral Courage”, “Once more into the Breach” (Marines)
  • “Don’t argue the free throw line”, “One more turn at the screw” (my own)
  • “Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” (Tom Cruise, Max Reacher)
  • Think (MLK)
  • My fav, “the climb” (Game of Thrones)

Next machinations will lead to $250k in 4 years. I’ve heard everyone saying it’s impossible. I let them believe in their matrix. Student loan debt free in 8 years. Dem or Rep, I don’t give a @!#%. It’s a game. There are rules, levels, and distractions.

My end game. Originally it was to save ….. @#$% that, these folks don’t want to be saved. Besides I don’t have the power of persuasion to help them. I guess they will be alright… or not.

Well when i close out, catch me in a villa in Brazil or somewhere international.



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