Snaps, smudges and fingers

Technical skills,

with surgical precision.


In a car, on a train, in any mirror.  


Every reflection,

Showcases deep insecurities,

Superficially inflated egos,

Facades and personas.


Tears every night.


Cash, check, gift cards,

Tradeoffs for


Matted skin,

Covered pores,


Blended techniques,

Dramatic Shadows at 7 am.


How do you appreciate what you have if you never learned to love it back when…


Constantly competing,

Scared to be alone.

Gotta be bad and bougie,

Got to be prim and proper,

Serious but not angry,

Supporting but not resentful…


Independent but not lonely.


Layers and layers of Dos and Don’ts,

Matted textures,

False lashes,


Slimming shades,



To capture the eye and affection of friends,

To capture the heart of lovers,

To capture the attention of the one.


You do all this,

Until you say I do,

While for him,

you could have been anyone.


For him,

you could have been just another one…


How Cruel are we as men,

To strip women of the effort,

Expose them, display their naked skin,

To fault them for what they are not,

Pick out the pieces that they have,

Highlight what they don’t,

To miss who they really are,

How cruel are we to be this carefree…


To judge endlessly.

Missing the effort,

Missing the broken heart of

Matted skin,

Rosy blush,


Lash effects,

and covered souls.




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