No Haircut or a job. I pick job.

twitter_logo_black“A tape-up and a nice tie won’t keep the bullets away from our black bodies. Pulling our pants up and aligning our values to the military sounds ridiculous on its face as well. Changing our aliases to more Euro-centric names might lead to more jobs, but won’t help us keep our jobs longer than our white counterparts, much less give us that elusive promotion. Staying up past our bedtimes won’t make us more resilient; if anything, lack of sleep would add more stressors to a community already suffering from a myriad of diseases and preventable conditions. Speaking in the King’s English won’t pause the school-to-prison pipeline and the lack of wraparound supports our schools need to survive the trauma associated with their lives.” exert from How Dr. Steve Perry Sells Black Kids To The Highest Bidder, by Jose Vilson

I always love how educated people who attended college and currently hold salary jobs; attempt to educate the masses that they’ve left behind. They don’t frequent the hood. They don’t live in the black community but they know the struggle. Sure…

Don’t get a haircut. That’s your masculinity/femininity, your culture, your history. Stand up for your rights. Fight back. Don’t take no for an answer. Fight back. Step up to the “crooked cops”. Fight back. If you were robbing someone, that’s not your fault. If you were hurting someone that’s because you are hurting. Don’t conform. Be different. Be unique. Be weird. Be you…

While the educated people; they excelled at being the disciplined ones in school. Parents lavishing them in hugs and kiss and such or something (I don’t know). Food and Shelter security. They did the opposite. They sat up straight. They studied. They “conformed” to society. They never stepped up to cops. Nope, they never dared. They never been arrested. They never been in handcuffs. They would never get violent; they have something to lose. They have a name. They know it all too well. And behind the keyboard; they click away and stroke flames at the masses who they really don’t share much in common with.

Do you. Be you. Be disrespectful. Stand up for nonsense. Don’t cut your hair. Don’t try to get a job. Wait for the job to come to you; they owe you.

Well. From a guy who grew up on “Free lunches” – my guaranteed subpar meal of the day. No parents around. No guidance. No income. No opportunities. Crappy teachers. Subpar schools. Been handcuffed. Been detained. Been in Juvenile Detention. Ran in them streets. Worked fast food ($5.75 an hour), retail ($7.25 an hour), blue collar ($9.25 an hour), security ($10.50) and any other $-hit job. Got tons of friends who never made it. Good people, bad situations, bad choices. I’m not the smartest but what I had was street smarts and a knack for strategy. From a guy who knows about not having a lot, with nothing to lose; what worked for me (maybe it can work for you):

  1. Discipline,
  2. Setting Goals,
  3. Focusing on what matters,
  4. Disregarding ego,
  5. Self Control,
  6. Looking sharp,
  7. Joining the Marines,
  8. Working hard,
  9. Positive image,
  10. Give back,
  11. Strategy,
  12. Job hoping,
  13. Giving back,
  14. Paying off debts,
  15. And trying to get promoted,
  16. Also continue to give back,
  17. or Jumping ship to another job.

In the end, I haven’t run into cops in years. If I do, I’m relaxed because I’ve seen the worst. I doubt that a bullet will hit me. If It did, hope it takes me out or i’m coming into some money. Yeah, pulling up my pants won’t save me. Getting a haircut won’t save me. But for right now, the so called “respectability politics” is just a springboard for someone with nothing. If i ever end up on CNN, they will be hard press to find out deep revelations of a criminal past. They will find a narrative that would make them look silly as hell. Even though, they will still try it (Media, the money making headline speculation circus). I hope for their sake I’m dead, or I’m suing for defamation of character. lol

All I ever want for the masses; for my friends, are opportunities. Getting an education is a opportunity. Getting a job from that education is an opportunity. Getting money to support a family and a community from that job is an opportunity. If i had to go bald for that; i would do so in a heartbeat.

When you are broke and hungry; cutting off your hair is not that serious. But that’s coming from someone that didn’t have much. Turns out, you can always grow your hair back. 

I’m with the Steve Perry lingo. Maybe it’s for naught but it’s worth trying something new. If it gets 101 out of 200 a job, might be a gimmick but a win is a win.





Who am I to ask for your heart.

Shards of Glass that I couldn’t hold.


I’m gifted.

Like Hephaestus,

I have the ability to fix anything.

But you hide the pieces.


Who am I to ask,

if you never intended to…

Never wanted me to…

Never needed me to…

Love… You…

Spilled Milk

What if s/he wasn’t the milk?…
but the cereal
Not dem’ plain Corn Flakes
naw, I’m talking bout’ dem’ Cheerios
S/he was your breakfast in bed
the Sunny side up on your eggs
that brain freeze up in your head
that nicely toasted slice of bread…
and everything, but spilled milk

I don’t know about you…
But losing a good meal, is worth a few tears.


What if s/he wasn’t the milk…

— Ecclesiast G. aka The Champ.


I want to see you.

I spend my time forcing reflections to mirror your image.

Peering into rail carts, hoping that I didn’t miss you.

I pick out aspects of who you are or who you might be,

Superimpose your likeness on others,

And I hold my breath.


She isn’t you.


I try to make eye contact,

I try to connect…

I don’t know you.


I worry that I might have missed you,

Worry that I alter my path so much

that you couldn’t follow the breadcrumbs.


I figured that it would have happened by now.

Figured I would have ran into you on a campus,

A bit clumsy, I know.

I didn’t mean to mess you up.

Didn’t mean to interrupt.

Just wanted to bump into you.

Nudge you off the isolated path.


Just wanted to help you escape being just you

so that we could be just us.


We can pick up the pieces,

I’ll pick up your books,

Maybe help you carry them to your class.


Like those other cool guys…

I wish that I could muster the words,

Make you smile by the second sentence,

Make you pause by the third,

And take you out by the tenth…


I hope that I didn’t miss you,

Traveling the same road,

to the same place,

2 rail cars away.


I hope that you could hear me,

Whispering to the well, wishing you were here or I was there.

Even with headphones,

I promise I’d be worth pressing pause.


Maybe we say nothing,

You holding onto my arm,

Leaning unto my shoulder.


I promise that spot is for no one else.

I miss you.

I hope that I didn’t miss you at the grocery store,

in route to a small café,

on the dance floor,

or simply headed home.


I don’t know you.

I’m here to get to know you.

When we speak,

know that you will always be

where you always been…



Je souhaite que je vous trouve dans le lieu le plus important , mon cœur.


A Better Narrative

Truth about me. I’ve never been a person with an agenda. Never had a great scheme or ultimate plot for my life. I like to play RPGs, strategy games, SimCity, and chess. I use those innate skills to fashion the most random life storyboard, mainly because I was challenged by an old friend to change my stars.
The old “Aladdin” theory;
the question, can I class jump?
The answer; well, maybe.
As I get closer to solving this riddle, I realized after my last trip to Miami that I have to weave a tighter narrative for my life and my direction. I have all the pieces. I know some moves. So for the month of June before the 3rd QTR; I’ll be working on pulling together what I like, where I am, and what I’m good at.
My name is Lawrence Gonzalez. I am an auditor at the Department of Treasury with oversight of over $5-7 Billion, who aspires to educate people on how to earn real wealth. I write for a financial blog. I give back to my community by helping to develop a professional appeal through photography and financial literacy. I aim to prove that I can change my stars while helping those who are willing, change their stars.
That’s the mantra that I have to remember.AiUqoCc.jpg 
What’s your mantra?