Our Honest Moment

She’s rushed.


In that moment, she stops;

Pivots and crosses her left leg over her right,

Slightly off balanced.

She reaches;


I catch her.

She hugs me; with the ability to slow time,

The drizzle of rain stops falling.

She stops us in a moment.

Her head nestled over my right shoulder.

She breathes life into me;

I shield her from the Universe.


She ground us;

We can’t avoid the sparks.

She is lightning to my heart.


The most honest moment of the night,

She holds me and I hold her.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want her to stay.

I hold her to let her know that I would catch her in any moment,

I would lift her when she falls,

Encourage her when she doubts.

I would catch when she pivots with the grace and elegance of a ballerina,

And I would never forsake her.


She’s afraid.

Her scars haven’t fully heal.

Loosens her grip; she can’t share her emotions,

She hopes, that I’m not like her ex.

That I won’t leave her feeling discarded.


She was TiVo on crack; an art form, a melody,

She plays with the flow of time,

She is the director of my memories’ symphony,

Rewinds the image about two minutes prior…


Hits play.


The cover of night blankets the bright lights of the City,

Cascading buildings, adorn with ancient art,

painted with chic restaurants,

The city moves.

The rain holds back for us,


She waives for a cab.

She thanks me for a great night, for the company,

I think her for the surprise, honored by her presence.

I want to get to know her.

I play it cool.

She sways when she smiles,

She denies that she’s happy,

I can see it in her eyes.

She avoids eye contact.


We lie to each other.

We hold on to our vulnerabilities.


The cab pulls up to the curb.

The scene plays through;

She rushes to leave.


Happy to have been…


Then she slips, goes with her heart,

Pivots and crosses her left leg over her right,

Slightly off balanced.

But right where she wants to be;

She reaches. I catch her.

I tell her I love her without words,

She tells me she loves me with her gestures.


Our most honest moment,

Our first hug.






You try so hard for someone who loves you so little.

You try so hard for someone who values you so little.

You try to hold on too much to someone who neglects your touch,

Avoids your gaze, strains your smile.


Someone who strips you of your confidence;

someone who strangles your trust;

Someone who suffocates your heart.


Someone who says one thing and does the opposite.

You care too much for a guy who you think loves you,

You try way too much for too little…



You are worth way more than this.

*short story