Public Service Announcement for Black Men

Be pretty. Be fit. Be a cook. Be sexy. Be smart, be humble, be elegant, jiggle less, juggle more. With all those things that we are asking of women, make sure you are bringing something to the plate. Some of us can’t cook. Can’t fix. Can’t commit. Can’t be providers or household leaders. Time to step our game up. This has been a PSA for the fellas. Let’s fix our families. Let’s fix our community.





What we give and what we get…

…I already knew.

Like some sort of cosmic joke,

Another story on repeat,

A hallmark of love…

I already knew.


It has gotten to the point where I’m not mad at it;

It’s just that I didn’t peg you as typical…


You love him,

But for the life of me,

I can’t understand WHY.

He treats you to a meal filled with heart aches and disappointments,

He treats you to desserts of sweet & sour overdoses

of sugar and self-doubt;


He poisons your innocence,

Squanders your love,

Toys with your lust.

I can’t, for the life of me,

Understand why.


We aren’t owed the answer,

You ask and he doesn’t reply…

I ask and you don’t reply…


So you love him,

Even more than before;

To the point, that you have personal conversations with his ghosts.

You relive glimpses of happiness to keep the reality of pain away…


So you love him.

Give him your patience,

Adorn him in your forgiveness,

Honor him with a second, third, and fourth chance in a series of

Seconds, thirds, and fourth chances,


So you love him.

I’m not even mad. I’m not even envious.

I just find it funny that he takes and you give.


He takes and you give,

And when it’s over; he destroys only to create a new him in you.


But you love him,

So much that it hurts you,

Corrodes your dreams,

Tarnishes your joy,

Leaves you broken and afraid…


As for me, I give you…

But you only take…

From me.


When it’s over with him;

Because it always end,

You give me a shell of yourself.


You aren’t patient,

You aren’t forgiving,

You aren’t even you anymore.


It’s cosmic and funny.

I only wanted for you,

What I wanted for me…

Love …



Tell me something…

Tell me something that I already don’t know.


Shadows and Goddesses

… me, I like shadows and stars.

Comets that shoot across the sky.

And planets that smile back in the form of goddesses.


12207347_1091433700875642_85449570_oI’m always interested;

Not in the ones that shine brightest.

But those that sparkle and catches the eye,

Not in the ones that dim,

But those that creates love and nurtures life from the smallest ember,

She is love;

Adorned with heavenly elements,

while others pale in her uniqueness.


I’m always interested;

Not in the ones that shine brightest.

But the ones that travel in milky ways and nebulas.


So if I can say anything;

I’d talk about the shadows and stars that travel the world,

in countries not yet visited,

in opportunities yet to be ceased.

I’d speak about the shadows and stars to make up the beauty of her soul.




I still haven’t given up on her.

Whereas the world says otherwise, I still hope. I know she will find me; for richer or for poorer, I know that she waits for me. And I can’t wait to shower her with love unconditional (or is it unconditional love) with petty realistic arguments on what to eat (because she can’t make up her mind, ‪#‎shecrae‬).

I can’t wait to surprise her on occasions, have her thinking, “should i take in the moment” or “flex on the gram”. I can’t wait to take flights (with her ‪#‎Happy‬ ‪#‎travelnoire‬); end up in places, we’d research‪#‎nerds‬, learning history and languages while i take pictures (cuz i’m #happy while she ‪#‎smh‬).

I still haven’t given up on her.

I can’t wait to support her, give her courage ‪#‎squad‬. And I can’t wait for her to do the same for me. I’m happy because I still haven’t given up on the one, who still haven’t given up on me.

The one who waits for me. The one who wants to start a family with me (‪#‎relationshipgoals‬). The one who thinks of a man of character, the type that cherishes family and community. The type that loves an adventure. The one that creates with his hand and gives life to his words. The one that deserves to love her… until then there is a spot, next to me, on a bed made with memories of time well spent. ‪#‎cuffingseason‬